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No Bones Jones has been providing high quality vegetarian and vegan food since 1994. With an emphasis on excellent food and low environmental impact - NBJ is your one stop shop for high quality, wholesome natural solar powered food.


we're green!


No Bones Jones not only ensures you get the very best in good quality food, we also ensure that our operations have the lowest environmental impact.


Our vehicles run on bio diesel, our lights and coffee machine are run on batteries which in turn are charged by sun ensuring our carbon footprint is less damaging to the environment and ensuring you enjoy conscience clear festival food at its best.


No Bones Jones picked up the Silver Award for food, for cutting his energy usage and doing everything he could to reduce his carbon footprint. In Jones’s own words, "I have worked really hard for 10 years to get greener – there is more to do and will keep going, the only way forward is to use less!"


health & safety!


All our equipment is regularly PAT tested and we keep a record of all tests

from the veggies mouth


Hi everybody, I'm a musician from Austin Texas and I was in Bishop's Castle to play at the Gumbo Fest. I should tell you that I am a meat eater first and foremost. I have never felt guilty about it either. After we were done my wife went over to you all's tent and came back with a plate of food. I had been eating burger's and such. She encouraged me to try some and though I do like meat I really have no problem with veggies. So I took a couple of bites,........ and man, I was blown away!!! It was awesome!! She went and got me a plate and I ate the whole thing and I felt as fat and happy and satisfied as if I had just eaten a steak dinner with all the trimmings! I gotta say I didn't eat any meat the rest of that day or the next day! I have never had vegetarian food satisfy me like that. If I had I would have considered a vegetarian lifestyle quite a bit more seriously. And now I do! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I miss your food! I didn't notice anything on the plate that resembled faux meat or anything like that. I didn't notice any cheese[fake or real]. Truth is I didn't really know what all there was in it but it was awesome and I can't stop thinking about it!!! Do y'all ever come to the states or do I need to come to the UK for that experience again? Don't get me wrong we have vegetarian/vegan restaurants and and food here but nothing that ever moved me. I would love to see y'all come to Austin sometime. We have a lot of music festivals here and all though Texas is pretty red neck Austin is a cool town. I think you could do well here. If I could find food like your food I here I could cut back on the flesh considerably.


Mike Webb - Austin, Texas, USA

Consistent high quality food from this lovely family set up. have eaten many many times at your stand both at Glastonbury and Chester Folk Festival. Home made bread ans butter pudding to die for. Yum :-) x


Di Gill - North Wales

Me and my friends had the BEST pre-rolling stones bread and butter pudding at glastonbury that you could ever imagine. We were all quite emotional about it in fact. Although that may have had something to do with wine. Still, no bones jones are the best!


Andrew - Ipswich

 Hi. Your food was absolutely fabulous in the eisteddfod at Meifod. Bought No Bones Jones food every day!


Gwyneth - North Wales

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